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Women’s Short Sleeve Shirt with an Embroidered Design of the symbol of the Triple Moon Goddess / Moon Phases.


  • 95% cotton – 5% lycra | Non GMO Peruvian cotton
  • Stretchy natural fibers
  • Silky, lightweight and durable textile
  • Yoga clothing / casual wear
  • Moon sweater | Sacred feminine clothing
  • Designed in Quebec – Canada / Made in Peru
  • Limited edition
  • Fair Trade Ethical Fashion
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Product Description

Women’s Short Sleeve Shirt with an Embroidered Design of the symbol of the Triple Moon Goddess / Moon Phases.

 DESCRIPTION: The far from ordinary Multi-Dimension t-shirt is a perfect mix between a stylish and funky ready-to-wear sweater and a practical and comfortable sporty top. It has a circular opening in the upper back and a band at the height of the clavicles. This model offers a lot of freedom of movement to your body, while also inspiring a powerful feminine posture. It will accompany you in various settings, ranging from a Yoga class to a dancefloor, from a chill evening with friends to a “going out with style” outing.

 This short-sleeved shirt is also available in 3 other shades and embroidered designs: FLIGHT OF BIRDS | ELEGANT BAD ASS | UTERUS

White – Triple Moon

SYMBOLISM: The white Multi-dimension shirt is embroidered with the symbol of the triple moon, sometimes referred to as the Triple Goddess symbol. It represents the 3 phases of the moon – waxing, full and waning – as well as the 3 phases of a woman’s life – the young girl (virgin), the fertile woman (mother) and the elder woman (wise). The moon represents the goddess, the multiple aspects of a woman. This moon sweater is a tribute to the sacred feminine cycle and its power. Offered in White, color of the moon invoking light and purity. A perfect White ritual top, ceremonial sweater or Kundalini Yoga garment. Let the White purity of the moon’s vibration shine through you, night and day…

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Weight 0.15 g
Dimensions 30 × 22 × 1 cm


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