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Our creations

our creations

AYAM Creation’s past collections portfolio

Here is AYAM Creation’s virtual gallery of its first creations! Please take note that some of the clothing presented here are no longer available for purchase as they are they part of our previous collections. This section therefore serves as our portfolio. For an optimal buying experience, go directly to the ‘Shop’ section!

In love with a piece of wearable art you see here?

Take a chance and write us an e-mail ! Maybe we still could make your dream come true going through the tiny inventory we have left from these first years of productions. Please also note that many clothes showed here can still be found in this year collection. For exemple: the Lotus top, the Jasmines pants, the Robin hoodie, the Datura veste, the Unity t-shirt. Some of these pieces have been modified: the OneHeart dress = Symbiosis dress, le Han Solo is still available, but without prints, and finally the Peace pirate Jacket has been transformed and optimized.

Our Photographs

Special thanks to our photography team: Marie DietlinAlexandre Beaudin et Yann J. VerstraeteAlso thank to each model, and to nature for her beauty.