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Care guide

AYAM care guide


The art of caring for your clothing.

This section is in continuous construction. Once in a while we will add to it little tips and tricks to stimulate your interest. Help us make this section of the site as great as it can be by sharing with us laundry tricks our grandmothers used. We seek fool-proof ways to get stains out. Write us your personal tips on how to keep natural fibers as silky as possible, and any other clothes-care wisdom you come by!  Your tips might even get published on our site! Write to us here. Let’s bring consciousness in the way we interact with our clothing. 

Wishing to take care of your sustainable clothing made of organic and natural fibers, and this in order to keep there silky hemp and bamboo like texture? Fallow our holistic fashion and clothing care advices and see the results!

 Wrecently found an old book, dating back to 1926, entitled Care of clothing. We are presently studying this relic in order to re-discover old wisdoms and forgotten treasures related to laundry-care practices

 In regards to taking care of your AYAM eco-friendly clothing, we invite you to respect the basic laundry care guidelines. Rules of thumb for washing natural fibers are suggested by the symbols below. We’ve also added some extra suggestions:


  • Before washing your AYAM sustainable clothing for the 1st time, soak them overnight in cold water. This contributes to helping the natural fibers remain in their natural place, our sources say.


  • Never use the dryer for any AYAM natural fibres clothing made of organic cotton, unless your goal is to shrink it. This magical and magnificent textile 100% naturalwith no added Lycra yet is stretchable, is heat sensitive. Protect its soft and earthy hemp fabric like texture by avoiding drying it in machines. This will help you avoid an undesirable surprise! (Please note that 100% cotton is a fibre that tends to tighten when washed and dried. Clothes made of 100 %cotton are therefore always susceptible to shrinking during these operations.)


  • Clothing that is made of natural fibres that are stretchable can handle being put in the dryer. We still recommendto make sure that your AYAM stretchy cotton clothing haa long life, that you avoid doing this.


  • Our sustainable and green clothing is able to handle being machine-washed at the regular cycle. It is preferable though to wash them instead at the delicate cycle. Even better, wash it by hand! This will ensure their lasting beauty bamboo fibre like silky texture!


  • Clothes with: shamanic designs, ethnical or indigenous patterns, items with Shipibo embroideries, Andean weavings and printed impressions love to betreated with lots of care and delicacy. But don’t worry, they are solid and wear-resistant! They can handle the life you give them! Be mindful still, and take well care of these fair trade’s treasures. We are an eco-friendly brand. Therefore, you might be a conscious customer too! We trust you guys!!


Guide d'entretien vêtement éco-responsable AYAM Creation