Our Values

AYAM Creation answers to a calling that is equitable, ecological, philosophical, cultural, humanitarian, holistic and artistic. What inspires us: unity, openness, respect, the fantastic, ease, opposites. Inspire us also: cultures, native american spirituality, simplicity, colors, authenticity. Finally, but especially and most importantly: the will to express truth and beauty in a way that is just and fair. Also, our marketing approach distinguishes itself as a conscious one by positioning ourselves against hyper sexualisation of women. We also are against the cults of youthfulness and thinness. As you can acknowledge, we are here not only to sell a product, but first of all to communicate a message.

Fair trade

is an exchange system that seeks to ensure greater equity for all parties involved in conventional trade. The objective of its approach is to ensure that the trading commerce be utilised as a means of development. Therefore, also as a tool to reduce inequalities making sure that the producers be remunerated properly for their work.

AYAM Creation establishes trading agreements directly with each one of our collaborators.

The value of the products and services is either already predetermined by the suppliers or is defined by both parties. Therefore, all involved feel that the agreement is fair and satisfactory. Visit our video section to learn more about our process.


One of the important priorities of the present era: The minimisation of the ecological footprint created by humans and their multiple activities on Earth.

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting businesses in the world.

Maybe you want more information about this subject? Watch a documentary called The True Cost. This movie discusses, in a very clear manner, the impact of fast fashion. It shows us the importance of re-examining our fashion-based consumption and production habits. To dress ourselves is a vital need for most of us.

Aiming for quality instead of quantity is one of the ways in which we seek to have an ecological impact.

Working with natural fibers and organic textile fibers is another. An ecological consciousness is aimed at in all spheres of action of our company. There is much left to accomplish in this regard. AYAM Creation evolves in this direction with heart and good will.


Philosophy is a term composed of two greek words, philein : ‘love’, and sophia : ‘wisdom’, and literally means ‘the love of wisdom’.

We like to say that our clothes are wisdom carriers.

Of course some of our models carry more wisdom than others. First of all, it depends on the symbols, embroideries and weavings applied onto them. In addition, the cut and messages they display also have their own impact. Nevertheless, what we offer is always well thought out! Always intentioned and guided by this ‘love of wisdoms’ and the willingness to exhibit them. May they be: wisdom of natives indigenous tribes, of words, of nature, of spirit, of shapes and colors.

The Symbiosis dress, the Simple&Fluid shirts, the Classical spirit shirts and the Datura jacket with hand woven textiles on: A few of our clothes in exemples of what we explain here.


There is such an abundance of ways of knowing and doing on this planet! All ways as magnificent one as the other. Each people, each culture has its traditions. Each tribes, its ways of expressing itself, of story-telling itself, of remembering itself and teaching its ways. The soul, identity and beliefs of cultures are often represented by their traditional textile art.

To exhibit onto our clothing the symbolic, beautiful and often ancestral work of our world’s diversified cultural heritage is an honor. It also is a way to highlight and enhance it by sharing it.

Adding hand-made embroideries and weavings onto a shirt brings to it another level of meaning and depth.  It also creates  a much distinct impact. Building a conscious relationship with the clothes we wear becomes much more natural when they are carriers of a rich and vibrant cultural heritage.

Watch our video-capsule on the embroideries of the Shipibo people to learn more about their culture and the meaning of the artistry of their crafts.


When AYAM Creation collaborates with indigenous communities to co-create its clothing, we participate directly to the socioeconomic vitality of dozens of families.

As we speak, the precarious status of indigenous cultures is felt more than ever. Especially with the advent of globalisation and the dissemination of technology. If you wish to know more about the realities that many of these cultures are faced with today, please visit http://amazonwatch.org.

We do not pretend to be offering humanitarian aid. Nevertheless, by making financial agreements that are fair and by giving work to dozens of mothers, grandmothers and young women, we are able to observe the impact and support of our economic contributions.  Many of these cultures are dealing with the new realities brought about by capitalism entering their lives. Although the collaborative challenges are sometimes complex, we are happy to surmount these challenges. We do it for them, with them, and for you who appreciate their work, and ours!


We love to think of our clothing as facilitators of union between body and soul! AYAM Creation or the yoga of fashion.

You are free to believe in and feel whatever emerges in you when you come into contact with AYAM’s products. We believe it is of relevance to let you know that we take particular care in seeking to ‘materialise’ a certain vibratory frequency.  We aim to take into account the global being-ness of the person wearing our creations, hence the term holistic.

Our choices of colors, cuts, textiles, applied arts and symbols, are all fed by and based on an ethics of well-being.

Does this aspect of our philosophy interest you? Visit our blog and read our articles about it! If there is something relevant you would like to share with us on this topic, feel free to contact us!


Wearable art: useful art that we interact with on a daily basis. This is the ideal we follow in our perception of clothing!

Of course we realise it might not be so each time we dress ourselves. Learning to perceive clothing as a means of expressing our ideals is a process that requires practicing awareness on a daily basis. And that is exactly what interests us! Try it! Let us know how it works for you! Send us your experiences here. Everything is in the eye of the beholder, all is perception and choice.

Clothing is a discourse, a second skin that signals social properties, that reveals fears as well as desires to show aspects of our filiation or of ourselves.

The same applies to visionary art, whose potential as a communicator is quite remarkable. Visual art is therefore also part of our arsenal to showcase what we seek to transmit as a message to the world. Collaborating with various artists that share our values thus empowers AYAM’s creations. Mindy Eva Ouallet and Juan Carlos Taminchi are two artist we work with these days. We invite you to discover their personal work.

Conscious Marketing

Nowadays, it is not unusual to see publicities in which women have been transformed into objects of desire in order to sell a product. Pulpy lips, open legs, a seductive glance, ‘nothing too scandalous’ is what we’re told. The sex industry has infiltrated many spheres of our consumption-based society. Ranging from subtle to gross, the images that industry feeds us have nothing to do with healthy sexuality or women’s liberation, and everything to do with capitalising on sexuality. The fashion authorities as well as some brands that compete with us convey, more often than not, images that are tinted with these women-objectifying tendencies.

AYAM Creation positions itself in this process by promoting a form of marketing that is ‘conscious’ and by being fully committed to conveying a healthy image that is congruent with all of our values.

Young and thinned down women, with a vacant stare on top of which tons of makeup has been applied, flaunting themselves in sexy poses: these are images you will never see on pictures of AYAM Creations. We seek to represent what is natural and beautiful – so beauty yes, but beauty in all its shapes and colors, the kind that has no age nor country, the one that emanates from a free incarnated soul.