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Short stretchy cotton dress printed with alchemical symbols. The favorite dress of  priestesses serving the goddess!  A 100% meaningful model!

  • 95% cotton – 5% lycra | Non GMO Peruvian
  • Stretchy natural fibers
  • Silky, lightweight and durable textile
  • Short sleeved printed A-line dress
  • Festival clothing | Psy-tribal clothing | Sacred clothing
  • Eco-spiritual fashion| Boho chic clothing
  • Designed in Quebec – Canada / Made in Peru
  • Limited edition
  • Fair Trade Ethical Fashion
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Product Description

Short dress in stretchy cotton with short sleeves, printed with alchemical symbols.

 The favorite dress of priestesses serving the goddess! A tribute to unified duality and the wisdom of ancient times.

DESCRIPTION: the Alchemy dress has a shape similar to our famous Symbiosis dress. This short stretchy cotton dress has an internal lining under the breastsfor extra support. It can be worn with or without a bra. The round-shaped neckline gracefully hugs your shape without being too revealing. It has short pleated sleeves and an opening in the upper back area. The dress is shorter at the front than the back.

SYMBOLISM: this dress is a piece of art that fully embodies AYAM Creation’s philosophy: ethical clothing bearing meaning. Its design is inspired by Celtic traditions, legends and tales of Avalon, Alchemical and Gnostic works of the Renaissance, Ancient Egypt, Adam and Eve, and I could keep going! On the back of the skirt area of the dress, is the Egyptian Scarab symbolizing becoming, successive metamorphoses, the renewal of life and the sun. The sleeves as well as the waist are decorated with a Star of David tapestry, representing the union of the feminine and masculine principle. In its center, the sacred fire: symbol of divine co-creation.  The two lions in the forefront, one with the head of a man and the other of a woman, also suggest this principle.  At the front of the skirt area of the dress are two snakes that overlap, forming the symbol of the uterus. Between them is the Eye of Horus, victory of good over evil, who becomes the guardian of the sacred door of the female temple. The radiance of Christ Consciousness shines upon the union of these symbols. The front of the dress has three female characters, inspired by an ancient sculpture representing the three phases of a woman’s life: the girl, the mother and the old wise woman; the three phases of the moon: waxing, full and waning.  The Moon is the Goddess, the woman in all her aspects. Tapestries of alchemical symbols and cosmic fractals, spirals and magic potions, snakes and bee alveoli, ornate the dress in different areas. The snake and the bee carry similar meanings on the symbolic level, and are complementary. The snake symbolizes spirit and vital energy, and the bee, soul and goddess. On the back of the dress, a male character balances out the feminine nature of the dress. The seven chakras, the caduceus and the phases of the moon surround it and align it. The pinnacle of our inspirations of the year is embodied and made manifested on this sacred garment. So there, you are now full equipped to explain all the symbolism of your new dress! Isn’t that Wonderful?  Offered in Parchment Beige with Black print, or Burgundy with Gold print.

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