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  • CAD: $ 120.00
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Be the superhero of your daily life and rock the Warrior Princess Dress: “THE” sexy short dress that inspires respect.

  • 95% cotton – 5% lycra | Non GMO Peruvian cotton
  • Stretchy natural fibers
  • Silky, lightweight and durable textile
  • 2 removable upper arm bracelets included
  • Internal lining with an elastic breast support
  • Festival clothing | Archetypal garment
  • Xena dress | Female Superhero clothing | Steampunk clothing
  • Designed in Quebec – Canada / Made in Peru
  • Limited edition
  • Fair Trade Ethical Fashion
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Product Description

Short dress in stretchy cotton with an open back and optional upper arm bracelets. Inspired by Ancient Europe, epic science-fiction sagas, and the Steampunk movement

“THE” dress to have if you carry the archetype of the female superhero in you! Be careful: wearing it can inspire the “if you seek me … you’ll find me” attitude. A dress for women of character. Boom!

INFLUENCES: Do you like Game of Thrones, Xena, Stargate, Star Wars and other fantastic sagas in which epic female characters courageously stand and fight in the name of their convictions? Do you find inspiration in the strength, courage and determination of these women, to stand for what is right, to fight for justice and to not let obstacles bring them down, no matter what? Do you want to represent these qualities, from soul to style, in your everyday life? If so, this dress is for you! Superman turns into Superman when he puts his costume on, right? The power of an outfit is never to be neglected – and our mission at AYAM Creation is to create clothing that can be worn in everyday life that is also able to inspire a posture, a state, an attitude. For example, the Princess Warrior dress is one of the models bearing this power… I’m serious! Believe me! Ok, ok… a little confession: the Warrior Princess dress is a designer’s pure fantasy, a gift I am giving myself this year… So there, I might as well say it: this is my favorite dress! Let us now return to more serious stuff…

DESCRIPTION: This short and sexy dress inspires reverence and is totally coherent with the theme of this year’s collection: Atlantis | Ancient Future. Double-lined at the chest, it offers internal support and can be worn without a bra. Bronze-colored decorative buttons adorn the front and back of the dress. Two removable upper arms bracelets of the same color as the dress are included. They are optional, depending on whether you want to full on rock the warrior style, or be more subtle. Available in Black, Red, Sage Green and Blue.

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Weight 310 g
Dimensions 30 × 24 × 3 cm

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